Sunday, November 2, 2008

So....Its rainy, cold, and bluntly obvious that any sign of warm weather has said "adios!!" for the next 6 months. BRRRRRR. All I want to be doing is layin in bed with my big comfy pillows, soft fleece sheets. and pale pink blankie I have had since I was a kid. Alas, I am stuck typing in front of this computer screen. Ugh..Oh well make the best of it right? This weekend was a blast. Halloween is my Favorite holiday. Alter-Ego heaven. And this year was by far..THE BEST. I spent it with Steph..aka Kandi Lou, Peppi, and my cousin josh who I just Adore to peices even made an appearance. My friends are the best. All a girly could ask for, the drinks were flowing, cameras snapping memories and laughter filled the air of the crowded space. Life was good. Then...time stopped. In walked the first of only two men to completly break my heart. Oh it gets better. He broke it...but still has a few of the peices. I wish I could say I will get those peices back, but the chances dont look good. He has this way about him....gets under my skin...a year and a half later. That fist gripping, dead lock, skin tooth and nail kind of get under my skin. I was a little shakin up. 3 drinks later...I was My friends held my hand and made sure I kept my feet on the ground and a safe 25 foot distance. We did talk some, as we share mutual friends, making it almost impossible to completly avoid each other in the same establishment. Keeping it short and sweet was the way to go no doubt about it. He looks amazing. And happy. But wait. I looked amazing and happy too. All and all I walked away that night knowing I gave all I could toward what we had and even though I lost him, I looked around that night and saw all the people I didnt lose, all those who stood by me even through the mess that was the end. They knew they couldnt stop the storm..but they walked with me in the rain, and I know how incredibly blessed I am to have all the great people in my life that I do. There is not one day that goes by that I dont thank god That I have them. They make Hilidays,and life in general a much much sweeter experience.

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