Monday, November 3, 2008

People in the past.

Why is it some people have the ability to stay in your present, even when you've thrown them in your past, locked the door, and thrown the key 700 yards past the end of the earth? Is there a secret window, or and unlocked basement door they go through that leads them right back into the living room of your present? There HAS to be. Everyone has a person like this. Whether its a bad friend, a family member who has burned you, and most commonly an ex you want to punch but still hold a place for, so you cant quite find it in you to go for the nose. You get to the point where life is good, you dont notice the absence of their presence and you can function like a normal part of the planet. Fung-shaway is aligned, and you sometimes get that anxiety feeling that nothing is something is quite possibly about to end up there. Then BAM!!! they show up(which is the worst) email, text call, send S.O.S..whatever, they just always manage to show up just when you think you have made it to the wonderful world of "the past is the past" I, personally, have hard time telling this person to go away. I try, and try....and try, and it never quite works. He wiezels his way back into my stapled up heart..damn those cracks. My question is, as many times as this person has hurt me, crushed me, played me, and walked away from me, what maked me hold on? and How the hell do I tell him exactly where to go?! I am open to your ideas....until next time....

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Kari said...

Don't you love blogging it's like an online journal. :). Love ya cuz!