Thursday, November 13, 2008

Some people are RIDICULOUSLY two faced

OK, so...well...I guess to fully understand my title to this entry, you have to know some of the story. I know someone, who did something rather thoughtless, unfair, selfish and tormenting to another individual who I cared about deeply. I choose to keep all persons nameless, because I am none of the above mentioned things. So, this person, who I have met maybe 2 (once I was keeping her from falling, the second time she was stalking me to a gas station) so needless to say, before the above mentioned situation, her and I had little good common ground. I dont hate her, have no reason too.ok I lied I have reason to, but being the kind loving person I am, I dont hate. So now that you have the back ground story...without further is my rant.

It bothers me when people complain about being judged by others when everthing you have ever heard out of their mouth is stipulation and judgement. Ugh. Drives me nuts. I cant stand fake people. Those people who think that their mistakes and ugliness toward other people shoudnt be held against them. I dont believe certain people get what they deserve, and I also think many get more than they derserve. I guess my point in this rambling is: If you gonna judge, expect to be judged in return, and dont run your mouth about how "unfair" you think it is when someone who doesnt know you judges you. You live once. and its Fast, and unruley and unfair and one big beautiful mess. Quit bitchin about how your so f'n poor and picked on because Karma bit you in the ass. Take a look at your one life, thats what needs to be fixed. Sigh....that is all for today. LOVES!!!

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Kari said...

I totally agree! She is a two-faced brat! Just gotta let the past be the past.